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7''-Vinyl - Fenzl und The Bricats

A: Gspensta! (feat. Jimmy Virani / Theremin)
B:Do Drobn (Rockabilly Version)

CD-Bricats-Welcome to Bricatannia

1. Welcome To Bricatannia 2. Little Miss Roundheels 3.  Soft Pillow 4. My Favourite Dish 5. Kokomo 6. Tough Tough Tough 7. The Bartender’s Just Like A Mother 8.    Chains  9. Beach Of Waikiki 10.  Our Book Of Love 11. Broke My Guitar 12. Bimbula Girl 13. Wasn't That Good 14. Ten Good Reasons 15. Sunset in Bricatannia


1. Don't Drink And Drive 2. The Walk 3. You're Sixteen 4. The Chicken And The Bop 5. Money Mad 6. b.r.i.c.a.t. Boogie 7. Girls' Farts 8. My Baby 9. Googoo Muck 10. Bricat Baby 11. Tired And Sleepy 12. Bricat Love 13. Don't Be Angry 14. Jump,Jive An' Wail 15. Think It Over 16. Easy 17. When I Look Into Your Eyes 18. Redlight

7''-Vinyl - Bricats - You're Meant For Me, Bernadette, When I Look Into Your Eyes

A1: You‘re Meant For Me A2: Bernadette B1: When I Look Into Your Eyes B2: Bad Luck Louis


Bricats Badehose "Bricatannia Island"